NHS Ventilation Infographic
This project was to be an educational poster teaching current ventilation practices. I apologise to SIlVaH as I have lost their logo and it hasn't appeared on the poster, but they are also credited.
Infographics - Logistics & Retail
This project took raw data from UKCES nationwide survey and interpreted to relate to logistics and retail. The aim was to create awareness of the challenges facing the different UK industries. The logistics infographics will be used in a forthcoming textbook entitled, "Market Sensing." (Coming Soon)
Town Map (without text)
Skills for Care needed a simple graphic that would illustrate the issues facing the care sector moving forward. I've removed the text for this version as it wasn't signed off as yet.
What would you bring to the team? (ver. 2)
Here are the other versions of my old project. They may have not made the cut, but felt the toadstool needed an airing.
NHS Service Choice Poster
A poster to go on the walls of A&E at Northern General Hospital and Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. The aim was to advise on the right course of action and alleviate pressure on A&E. The sheffield landmarks were to be catch the attention of patients and not be ignored.
NHS Careers Pull Up Banners
These were booth dressing pull-up banners for an NHS recruitment day.
Company Success Poster
An internal poster to relay the success of the last quarter to employees. A simple aesthetic was used, so that the information was quickly desseminated.
Youth Unemployment Infographic (Europe)
A digital campaign to be released through twitter, to coincide with the world cup. The goal was to raise awareness of the new data about youth unemployment, and the UK's position. It was created to drive traffic towards the new report, and the UKCES website.
Skills for Care - South West Infographic
A quick infographic to depict how we need to invest in care careers to secure the future.
SOYO Bar Wallpaper
First live project done in collaboration with a graphic design outfit and fellow students at Hallam University (Graphic Design)
Youth Employment Challenge Banners
This project was for an event to depict the urgent need for help in solving the youth employment challenge.
Young Biz vs. Average Businesses Infographic
Infographic done for the UKCES about how the average business compares to the young upstart businesses.
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